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The Christian voluntary service of the Spiritans (Congregation of the Holy Spirit) enables young people to work voluntarily in projects abroad.

Anna-Lena Passior 2014/2015 in Juja, Kenia

The Spiritaner-Stiftung is responsible for the MaZ-program. The MaZ-program is supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

MaZ is externally certified as an organisation by the 'Gütegemeinschaft Internationaler Freiwilligendienst e.V.'



Hannah Ivens and Anne Arenhövel

The MaZ-Team prepares the MaZ for their service with the Spiritans, Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood and Missionaries of Marianhill in different countries in Africa and South America.

The contact persons in the MaZ-Team are Anne Arenhövel (MaZ program director) and Hannah Ivens (social work student – student apprentice).

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Religious congregations

The following religious congregations support the MaZ-program and offer places for the missionaries on time (MaZ):


The Spiritans are a Catholic community of men with a worldwide missionary commitment. Founded in France in the 18th century, today about 3,000 Spiritans are active in more than 60 countries on all continents. As a missionary religious congregation, the Spiritans differ significantly from the contemplative orders (monasteries). They are a charitably active congregation and go where help is needed.
spiritaner.de / eurospiritains.org / spiritaner-stiftung.de

Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood

The Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood were founded in 1885 in Mariannhill, South Africa, near the port city of Durban. From there, their mission spread throughout the whole world. The 900 sisters have made it their goal in making Gods love visible, which they experience in their lives.

Missionaries of Mariannhill

The Missionaries of Mariannhill emerged in 1909 from the Trappist Abbey of Mariannhill in South Africa. Today mainly in Africa, but also in Colombia and Papua New Guinea, about 400 priests and brothers work according to the motto "Better houses, better fields, better hearts"; the spread of the Gospel and the improvement of the social and political living conditions of the people are their concern.

We are externally certified as a sending organisation by the 'Gütegemeinschaft Internationler Freiwilligendienst e.V.'.

MaZ is funded by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL on behalf of the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development).


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