• Anna-Lena Passior 2014/2015 in Juja, Kenia
  • Sommerkurs 2013 in Neuenbeken mit Tobias, Annalena, Christoph, Natalie und Conny (v.l)
  • Info-Seminar Januar 2018 in Knechtsteden mit Lea Wiemer, Carla Wolf und Felix Kaupmann (v.l.)

MaZ – Missionary on time

The special volunteer service of the Spiritans

Your mission: building bridges, making friends, sharing life, learning from other people...


What is MaZ?

Live with - Pray with – Work with

You would like to spend a year...

  • getting to know other people and their lives?
  • growing beyond yourself and having fun at the same time?
  • experiencing community with interesting and special people?
  • getting involved in the adventure "abroad"?
  • making friends worldwide?

Places of operation

Are you looking for a voluntary service in Africa or Latin America? Here you can find a list of possible places and projects.

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MaZ abroad

So far, 457 MaZ have been deployed on 4 continents in 28 countries. The main focus is on South America and Africa.

Our database gives you an insight into the MaZ missions so far.

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Hannah Ivens an Anne Arenhövel (v.l.)

About us

The MaZ project is offered and carried out in cooperation by three Catholic congregations. The project is supported by the Spiritan Foundation.
Contact persons in the office in the Mission House Knechtsteden near Cologne are Anne Arenhövel and Hannah Ivens (see picture).

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  • Freiwilliges Internationales Jahr - FIJ
  • Agiamondo - Personal und Beratung für internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • Katholischer Verbund Internationale Freiwilligendienste
  • Missionsschwestern vom Kostbaren Blut
  • Missionare von Mariannhill
  • Gütegemeinschaft Internationaler Freiwilligendienst e.V.
  • weltwärts
  • Missionsgesellschaft vom Heiligen Geist - Spiritaner
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